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About Us

Why Smart?

Smart, the next generation of 5G technology, offer unlimited potential to vastly improve our lives. Technology enables unprecedented convenience for humans, creating a coopera­tive AI environment and provided new levels of convenience at home, in the office, and nearly everywhere else. 

New smart home tour, making life easier with automation. Meanwhile, from safety to convenience, security, cost saving and to much more, moving towards smart home automation provides paramount benefits and possibilities for the users. Furthermore, living in a smart home will provide you peace mind, not only because it offers a more fortified home security, but it also gives you complete control on all of your home devices. You can make sure that all doors are locked before going to sleep, all devices are turned off, and it will also provide you with a better sense of security.


Brands We Carry

VIICII. The modern living art. Our approach is to find the perfect balance between innovative design, expanding applications, and using the latest technology. We shed light on architecture, forms, materials, space, smart technologies and our life's rhythm. Assisting, stimulating and inspiring interior designers and architects, with almost limitless options. Our fixtures and linear lighting strengthen the architecture of residential homes, hospitality venues, shops, offices and etc. 

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Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment. Bring your smart home to life with the most connected light in the world.

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ECO-AIRX is focuses on using state of art technology to improve functionality of our products such as energy saving, silent operation and reverse airflow. With our research and development (R&D) department, we strive to continuously improve and serve our end-consumers. 

ECO-AIRX is a energy saving ceiling fan which uses the state of the art technology.It's ultra silent operation is also best for a light sleeper who cannot stand the buzzing noise made from the AC fan.It also has a smooth dimmable with ORIGINAL OSRAM led light kit controllable with a remote control, allowing users to set the ambiance of the environment to their liking.

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PO ECO is the sole manufacturer of PO ECO FAN and LED products, offering a wide range of products with a blend quality and style.Our products are designed in Singapore and in-house manufactured. We produce ceiling fans and LED lights which have been certified by the Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Safety Mark Registration Scheme, and CB certificate to ensure International safety quality.Our ceiling fans use DC permanent magnet brushless motors with JAPAN NSK ball bearing and  the SMART WIFI device are designed and built from our very own research and development team.

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