Cherry Bomb Floor Light 7-globe

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Cherry Bomb Floor Light 7-globe

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About the Cherry Bomb Collection

The Cherry Bomb collection, which debuted in 2014, was born of Lindsey’s long-time obsession with the ephemerality of the spring-blossoming Japanese trees that line grand boulevards throughout the world. She has always been captivated by the achingly beautiful contrast between the short-lived whisper-pink flowers and the trees’ dark, gnarled limbs, which seem to have a profound story to tell.

This is a diverse group of fixtures with dozens of possible configurations and several finishes, unified by the use of small, pale, round globes--yellow, pink, white or blue--burnished with gold foil that gives them a soft, otherworldly glow amid the slender metal branches. From chandeliers that hang above a table like a gentle solar system to the bold yet almost weightless Cherry Bomb cages, which resemble lobster traps freshly pulled from the bay, glistening in the sun, the collection gives expression to a panoply of emotions.



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7-globe Cherry Bomb Floor Light7-globe Cherry Bomb Floor Light _3_

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