Branching Bubble 3-globe 31

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Branching Bubble 3-globe 31

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LINDSEY ADELMAN | Branching Bubble

About the Branching Bubble Collection

The inspiration for Branching Bubble, first created in 2006, was the brass swivel joints and elbows found in the industrial stores on lower Manhattan’s Canal Street. What would happen if you took those shapes and re-engineered them, creating something radical and unexpected? And what if you combined them with graceful, hand-blown glass globes, like those made by Michiko Sakano, a Brooklyn-based artist with an amazing eye who is steeped in traditional technique?

Branching Bubble is the union of those two seemingly disparate aesthetics—the industrial and the organic—like a marriage of opposites gone crazy with joy. The fixture can stay simple, or it can be designed to wander or sprawl to fit the space. Available in a range of metals and finishes, it can punctuate a vast ceiling with its warm glow or trickle down a wall—the possibilities are endless. The glass globes, whether clear, white or smoky gray, are like delicate vases set just slightly askew. The natural imperfections make the chandelier feel almost alive.



3-globe Branching Bubble

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