Branching Disc 11-light

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Branching Disc 11-light

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LINDSEY ADELMAN |  Branching Disc

About the Branching Disc

The Branching Disc Collection was created as an aesthetic counterpoint to Branching Bubble. Both celebrate an exuberant organic sprawl, but Branching Disc explores the potential of a vertical plane on which slices of light hover and float. To create the wafer-thin, perfectly balanced scallops of glass, Lindsey worked with the legendary 280-year-old Munich-based porcelain company Nymphenburg, perhaps the only workshop capable of producing such delicate translucence. The fixture—which can also be configured in layers, like a mobile, to hang dramatically in a stairwell—is a minimal, unfussy reflection of nature, filtering the dappled light like the afternoon sun through a canopy of leaves.



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